Flexifix and Dexcom Sensor

For those who use Flexifix over the sensor pads...

Do you change the Flexifix? Or do you keep it on for the life of the sensor?

I'm on day 12 and the sensor is fine, but the flexifix is a little itchy. Could be because I wear it on my thigh and the shaved hair is growing back?

Does anyone swap out flexifix? Or is that a bad idea?


We are new to Flexifix, but are happy with how it keeps the sensor down. My son hasn't complained of itching, but the edges are coming up:( In my opinion I don't see why you couldn't swap out the patch it just might be painful?

I use Hypafix, which I I believe is Flexifix’s hypoallergenic sibling (same co. makes both). Might be worth a switch. I keep H on until it starts to lift up around the edges, but I would definitely take it off immediately if it starts to itch. I wouldn’t want it to get worse.

I keep a wide piece of flexfix on after the beginning of week two. I trim the edges if they curl up and apply more if necessary. You can't really remove and replace it until you change the sensor and clean it off. I wasn't able to use the tape on my thigh or arm. Too sensitive and it tears my skin. I keep it on my stomach. Good luck.

I switch my flexifix every 5-7 days and I too wear the sensor for 12ish days. When changing it I press down fairly hard on my sensor so that it does not come out when I am pulling off the tape.

I use Hypafix and it doesn't last for the whole sensor life. What I've found is that I really need three hands. My husband helped me change it last night. When I've tried it myself, I need two hands to handle the new tape. And then the sensor falls right off me. The adhesive for the sensor is completely useless at that point.

Hello all. Do you all use the flexifix to cover the whole transmitter or cut a piece out so it won't cover the transmitter? I you cover the whole transmitter do it interfere with the signal? Thanks

Only cover the adhesive, not the transmitter part.

I do not cover the whole transmitter. According to Dexcom you shouldn't.

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