I wrote about my basal problems in an earlier discussion. I listened and changed my basal and let them go for several weeks. Today is a perfect example of why I have no idea what to do anymore. It has been happening more frequently over the last month, but there is a second issue below.

Last night, as my meter glucose was 77 at bedtime, but my sensor said 175 and meter tested at 202 at 8 am. When I look at the sensor readings on the pump, the glucose level began to rise at 1:00am and started to climb quickly at 4 am, with the fastest movement from 6-8.

I corrected this morning at breakfast, and was going down quickly: was at 129 when I left the house at 9am. Took a look at my sensor reading around 11 am and it read 220. When I got home I tested and was 302.

I checked for bubbles in the tubing, made sure the device was still attached correctly--all was fine. I changed out the whole infusion set, and used new insulin. Then I corrected. I haven't eaten lunch, as I want to see where this goes. However, the sensor has been trending up and is 10 points higher than when I tested (did not calibrate--too high.)

Upping over night and morning basals seems like a no brainer, except for the fact that I have also had some early morning lows. I have really narrowed my diet, so I don't think that is it.

I truly am flummoxed about this one. Thoughts?

Some things after all of the years of living with this disease, I believe can't be explained. Although I know that's no answer all I can say is look for something unexpected. I experienced what you have and are experiencing and finally this year I was given a diagnosis of Gastroparesis. When I can't get a handle on something eventually even with tests for this condition eventually I do get an answer even if it's not one I want. I was surprised since I had been keeping my a1cs under 7%...all this proves to me is that there are no guarantees....wish you the best on finding out what your problem is.

Sorry I can't contribute to the discussion, Spock, as I don't know anything about CGM's. Sounds very confusing! Hopefully someone(s) will contribute some thoughts soon.

Thanks Betty and Zoe!