Follow the bouncing BG's

This morning I woke up to 120…lower than what I’ve been running by about 25-20pts.

Took my Glipizide, had a early morning meeting and had a sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin. Never eat the muffin, but since my one low I was afraid not to eat a little carb so I did. Smaller breakfast than my normal three eggs, bacon or sausage, spinach and cheese…

2 hour PP was 80!! I was excited…

4 hour PP was 179…:frowning:

Wondering if the glipizide spanked my pancreas well and then my pancreas is now sputtering out the juice?

The joy of a fickled and dying pancreas.

Hi Steve: I am glad you have an upcoming appt with your doctor, and that you will be requesting insulin. Unfortunately, glipizide hastens the destruction of the last remnant beta cells that a Type 1 has early in the disease. Using exogenous insulin prolongs the life of those beta cells, so the sooner you get on insulin the better. Good luck to you.

That is what I told the endo and she said there was not sufficient evidence either that glipizide would hasten or that insulin prolongs the life of beta cells.
The endo was in DC and now their office is opening closer to home and I’m seeing a new endo. We will see.

Hi Steve: Your endo is not up-to-date. LADA researchers in Japan have shown that glipizide hastens destruction of beta cells. Numerous studies show that intensive insulin therapy, started as soon as possible, prolongs the life if remnant beta cells. See my Bill of Rights blog, footnote 3. Also, Bruce Buckingham, an endo at Stanford, has had tremendous success with prolonging the life of remnant beta cells in newly diagnosed Type 1s using intensive insulin therapy–ask your endo about his research. If she doesn’t know, she should. Bottom line, all Type 1s should be on exogenous insulin. Good luck with the new endo.

Thanks for the info! I had read that before but forgot where. Going in armed is always better.