For 1 year (almost)

Dear Grammy,

For a year, I've been keeping a secret from you, well, you probably know by now that I was dx as a type 1 diabetic 3 days short of 1 year ago. We didn't want to worry you as you have seen what type 2 diabetes did to your half sister. You were so confused that we knew you wouldn't know the difference. See I thought I had the stomach bug I had started throwing up on that Thursday afternoon and then on Saturday afternoon my neighbor Kathy found me outside trying to clean out the waste can I had been using to throw up in. She took one look at me and said “how about a ride to the ER” and I said yes because I thought I was dehydrated do to throwing up for 3 days straight.

I waited for 2 hours in the ER before they took me into the room to examine me. After they got some information from me they sent me back out to the waiting room. By that time mom walked into the hospital and my neighbor left. About 5 mins later they called me in to a room made me change into the hospital gown, and had 3 I.V.'s pouring into me within 2 mins after that. Then enters the dr. who said did you know you have diabetes. UM WHAT???? I was so confused. He said yes, your blood sugar was at 638 and you are in DKA. I had no idea what he was talking about. But whatever they were putting into me made me feel a lot better. Then they started asking all of these questions. Have you been really thirsty lately? No. Have you been using the bathroom more then usual? No. Has your vision changed? No. I told them I've just been throwing up since Thursday because I think I have a stomach bug.

They wheeled me up to the ICU where I stayed for 4 nights. They kept me hooked up to the IV insulin until Tuesday because I couldn't stop throwing up, once I held down some soup they unhooked the insulin and started with the shots. The ICU nurses and cna's taught me how to give myself shots and do the finger pricks. The diabetes educator lady came to teach me how to count carbs. It was an overload of information, I could believe they expected me to learn all of this and remember it when they wouldn't let me sleep for more then 90 mins at a time. Finally my sugar was staying down in the 200's and then moved me to the general floor for a night. When the dr came in the next morning I was dress in my own clothes and informed them I was going home that day. He said sounds like a plan so Rachel sprung me from the hospital and drove me to mom and dads for a couple of days.

Once I got back to my own place there were numerous dr appointments and insulin adjustments. I finally went back to work 2 and a half weeks after I called out for the “stomach bug”.

Life has changed, big time. Highs, Lows, shots, finger pricks, ketones, carb counting...... I think you sensed that but didn't know what was going on......

I pray that now you are with Christ in Heaven that you understand why I kept this from you. It was done out of love.

Love your granddaughter,