For people who got diabetes recently, also called "Newbies."

I receive a fair number of emails from newly diagnosed people with diabetes.

They state that one of the things they feel is most bothersome to them is eating on regular times

and being careful not to eat the normal things they used to eat and also smaller amounts.

To some it is more difficult then others. Some think that when you be on the pump you can eat what you want, just add insulin.Occasionally that's fine. For me that comes under the heading of "sinning."

I do sin some times also and as long you don't make it a habit it won't do any harm besides making you gain weight.

Then there are the ones who cryed when they were diagnosed. Some really take it very hard like the end of life. That is not the case at all! You can live a near normal life with keeping your bloodsugars. under control. I live with it for the last 50 years and there are some living with diabetes even longer than that as you must have seen reading the post on this board.

There is a change in your way of living and eating at a reasonable time every day. You can't take insulin and than forget to eat soon after. You also have the possibility of getting more problems, often at older age or a good long time after being diagnosed. Not to worry about that for some time to come but always understanding that they wil bel less severe when you stick to a good HB A1c.

It is suggested that a 7 would be good for a diabetic but I like it where I'm now at 5.9.

So smile and don't worry too much about your diabetes!

JB, that's me!