For those on insulin, do you test before every snack?

I am on a pump, and use CGM. I tend to test before every snack inbetween meals. How does everyone handle testing before snacking - do you test or not test and just bolus and eat?

i test and bolus for snacks…unless my snack is like a salad or a hard boiled egg…lol

I rarely snack. If I do it’s something like cheese with no major impact, so I don’t test & don’t bolus.

I tend to trust my Dexcom. Unless the numbers are high or low I just bolus before I eat anything. My numbers seem to always be in sink (most of the time within 10 to 15 points). If it shows I’m at less than 80 or above 180 I will test first. This is me and what I do.

I’m Big on portion control so my Hubby considers my meals all snacks. If we have company then I eat a bit more to be more sociable. I do test before I eat my meals(snacks). It just fits in and I want to know, most of the time. If it has few carbs then I don’t bother to test.

I too tend to trust my CGM if it is in range, I just take the amount for the snack I am eating, no correction. I do this by pressing enter at the dashed line and then enter the number of carb grams.