Forgetting basal dose

Here is dosing instructions.

Says you can take missed dose as follows:

Do I have to take Tresiba® at the same time every day?

Adults can take once-daily Tresiba® at any time of day, if needed, so they can decide on a time and place that work best. Children must take their dose at the same time every day.

Adults who miss or delay a dose should take Tresiba® as soon as they remember, then continue with their regular dosing schedule, making sure there are at least 8 hours between doses. If children miss a dose, their health care provider should be contacted and blood glucose levels monitored more frequently until the next scheduled dose.


I’d take it as early in the day as you can and get back on the routine.

In my experience it’s stacking is minimal, id wonder if your hectic blood sugars might have been from the hectic day instead.

Tresiba is pretty forgiving really… take the same amount once a day, what time doesn’t really matter…

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I think the timing issue varies a lot by person with Tresiba. Some people seem to experience it being as flexible as advertised. I find that I have a +/- 4 hour window of flexibility around a target time to take my shot, but outside of that, I start to see effects of delays. It also seems clear that for some people, dosing 2x a day is far more stable than 1x a day, so I think for some, the tail of the action causes more much uneven overlap and not smooth 24 hour coverage, meaning that for those folks, moving doses could have very noticeable effects. If you are unsure how it works for you, I’d take the dose but then keep a close eye on things.