Forgot to take my Basal!

I never did this before. I take my Lantus, 8 units before bed and completely forgot last night. Now it’s morning. If I take it now I’ll be totally off schedule and taking it too soon again tonight. Should I maybe take it early tonight and then slowly move it back an hour or two at a time to get back on my regular schedule? Anyone done this? I’m sure someone has!

Call your CDE/endo and ask them. If that’s not an option, then you should take 4 units now and take your usual 8 units tonight. Don’t go without a basal in your system.

How was your morning BG? I’ve forgotten to take my bedtime basal. Many people take two basal doses, one in the morning & one before bed.

You can take 3-4 units now & less than the usual 8 units tonight at your regular evening time. Lantus doesn’t last 24 hours for most people.

Better to keep things on your regular time schedule than getting back on your schedule by slowly changing it by an hour or two over days.

Since you are going to be taking it in 12 hours anyway, I would just monitor my blood sugar today and take some fast-acting insulin to correct your blood sugars until its time to do your next basal. That way you don’t have to stress about overlapping lantus doses or anything like that.

I think that’s what I’ll do. Take 4 units now and then a bit less tonight. My fasting was 108 this morning, I’m usually under 100, and 119 before breakfast, so a bit high for me. Better catch it now. I never take more than 3 units fast acting and my correction factor is very high so I’ve never used it. Thanks, guys!

I’ve done this - take a half a dose, then slightly reduced dose tonight, on your usual schedule, then you are back to normal tomorrow night!

Take a look at this site.

I believe the common advice would be to “split the damage.” If you take 8 units of lantus once a day at bedtime, but only remembered it twelve hours later, then you would take a partial dose of 12/24. This will result in half the level of your dose during the day and about 1 1/2 times your dose overnight. Given that you will have some extra insulin on board, you would be wise to have a nice protein/complex carb snack before bed to keep you form going low.

This post was actually 5 months ago…but I’m sure someone somewhere has forgotten their Lantus and can benefit from all this good advice!

It was also interesting to me to see how my regimen has changed since then. I’m now splitting my dose (working better) and for the last month have been struggling trying to get the right basal/bolus doses for my ever-changing pancreas ( a work in progress!)

I realized this morning that I forgot to take my Lantus last night!! (My husband is recovering from surgery and I haven’t been sleeping well.). Anyway, I did a search and found this old thread and figured out what to do–hooray!! My BGs have been pretty good today and I have tried to eat low GI foods and get some exercise. Once again, so grateful for TuD!!