Former McClain County jail administrator sentenced in death of diabetic inmate

This is SO sad and upsetting, negligence and lack of education caused this tragic loss.

Unfortunately, substandard care of diabetics, especially of type 1 diabetics, is typical rather than exceptional in prisons. Many prisons assume that everyone with a medical condition should have one treatment a day, which prevents any diabetic following an MDI regimen, with the result that some patients have reported an average prison blood sugar level in the 450s. Since they are also typically not allowed to have food in their cells, they have no way quickly to treat hypoglycemia, and have to apply to a guard who may not understand the first thing about diabetes in order to get something to eat.

Morally, prison can only mean a loss of freedom of movement and freedom of association, not of healthcare, since this would amount to physical torture, which is forbidden by international human rights conventions. Yet out of deference to administrative convenience and the needs of efficiently managing the prison population, medical abuse of prisons is the rule.

Jail and diabetes do not mix well. Best to avoid if at all possible.

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I agree. Best bet as a T1 diabetic is to minimize length and/or frequency of time spent in incarceration.

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Somehow I think a prison administrator who let a prisoner die is not going to fare well in prison

the first thing they want to know is what you did!

Somehow I doubt he’ll spend his time around a lot of hardened criminals

It only takes one