Freestyle Libre Average is 200-230 but A1C is 7.2-7.6

Completely odd. And my friend, also a type 1, has a 157 on the Libre and has the same A1C as mine.

Would you feel better as me or her?

How many days were averaged in the Libre number? Were there gaps when no readings were recorded. Did it have full representative of at least 90 days ?

A1C can also be influenced by how long your blood cells live. During chemo, my A1C was in 4s, due to impact of chemo on RBC counts.

For me, the Libre consistently reads 1-3 mmol/L higher than my actual blood sugar. When I first began using it, I relied solely on the Libre and didn’t test often. My A1c rose by 0.5%. After that, I started testing about 6x a day or whenever I needed to make treatment decisions. I just got my A1c and it’s gone back down 0.5%. So, for some people, it’s just inaccurate and only really useful for trends rather than reliable data.

I do react to the Libre adhesive with horrible itching and a rash that recently develops even with Cavilon spray underneath the sensor, so that may be part of the reason for the inaccuracy for me. I’ve recently had to stop using the Libre (worried the reaction will just continue to get worse and am going to try to figure out what ingredients in so many adhesives I’m allergic to) and may or may not return to Dexcom.

How often does the Libra record a reading?

Same. They had to have recently changed the adhesive formula.

Anytime you pass it over the sensor on your arm

Have you done a finger stick to check on Libre accuracy. I tried it twice and found its readings for me were generally way too high, usually around 30% but sometimes as high as 50% off from my finger sticks. I gave up on it and went back to Dexcom G6 which for me is usually very close to my finger stick readings if the trend line is flat.

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