Freestyle Libre & Blucon Nightrider?


You could have started the new sensor and used glimp to read them both with THE RIGHT smartphone - too late for but may be info for others

That is how I do it for my wife


has anyone heard when the BluCon Night rider app/device will work with the Libre 14 day sensors?


I would prob go with no - not sure - try contacting them - I don’t think that is easily done - make sure you state USA 14 day


They are hemming and hawing about when or if they are going to support them…


The libre 2 will be out within a year I hope


me to that brings back the bluetooth for the Libre sensors from what I have read online…


I spoke to the eversense rep yesterday, and they have a $99 promotion going which includes the 3 month sensor and the transmitter (which is rechargeable and lasts for a year), I signed up, but they have to coordinate with the drs and the actual procedure/ surgery costs really depends on the office. They also guarantee a 2nd sensor for $99 also, so 6 months for $198 + the implant surgery costs which seem to vary depending on the area and insurance companies… (the 99 is a promotion contingent upon having commercial insurance)at any rate, I’m hoping to switch to eversense or at least try it for 6 months, plus in 6 months the 6 month sensor will probably be approved (fda started trials 1/19)…the 14 day us libre is useless to me without the blucon or miao miao…my drs told me I’m the only one who has asked about it so far…so it seems relatively new…but sounds great on the website, especially for active people who have glue issues, like me and many others


Due to issues with US 14 days encryption many Libre users are moving back to US 10 days Libre sensor as that works well with BluCon when I requested prescription for US 10 days instead of 14 days my endo told me


I know the 10 days still work, but I’m having trouble obtaining them from the pharmacy… at any rate, abbot is phasing them out, although I now wonder if they will either stop the encryption, or at least release the android app soon which may help the app developers… I posted this on another topic, but am still intrigued

…I still like the eversense with the transmitter that has a rechargeable battery and is guaranteed to last for a year. The implant surgery seems somewhat easy, however, insurance still seems like a mess, which is why eversense has the $99 3 month promotion, and another $99 for the 2nd 3 month sensor…plus the 6 month sensor will probably be approved soon, the fda started testing in January 2019…I have nothing to do with eversense, but I like the idea. I also think it is ridiculous that ambrosia blucon can make a wireless warerproof transmitter with replaceable batteries, but Dexcom can’t figure it out…seems inconceivable in 2019


Then they would not be able to charge for transmitters - nothing to figure out - It’s been done since dirt was new


You can still dremel out the old battery and replace with a silver oxide battery, just don’t solder it, it burns and ruins easily… then you have to epoxy it, reset it, etc. I found the libre easier, but after the us 14 day encryption, I’m on to Eversense…


The only reason I got the libre for my wife was not to deal with this transmitter nonsense - I got in half an argument here over someone telling me these batteries could not be easily swapped out

there are tiny led flashlights that are waterproof to 5 feet - case closed