Freestyle Libre & Blucon Nightrider?

You could have started the new sensor and used glimp to read them both with THE RIGHT smartphone - too late for but may be info for others

That is how I do it for my wife

has anyone heard when the BluCon Night rider app/device will work with the Libre 14 day sensors?

I would prob go with no - not sure - try contacting them - I don’t think that is easily done - make sure you state USA 14 day

They are hemming and hawing about when or if they are going to support them…

The libre 2 will be out within a year I hope

me to that brings back the bluetooth for the Libre sensors from what I have read online…

I spoke to the eversense rep yesterday, and they have a $99 promotion going which includes the 3 month sensor and the transmitter (which is rechargeable and lasts for a year), I signed up, but they have to coordinate with the drs and the actual procedure/ surgery costs really depends on the office. They also guarantee a 2nd sensor for $99 also, so 6 months for $198 + the implant surgery costs which seem to vary depending on the area and insurance companies… (the 99 is a promotion contingent upon having commercial insurance)at any rate, I’m hoping to switch to eversense or at least try it for 6 months, plus in 6 months the 6 month sensor will probably be approved (fda started trials 1/19)…the 14 day us libre is useless to me without the blucon or miao miao…my drs told me I’m the only one who has asked about it so far…so it seems relatively new…but sounds great on the website, especially for active people who have glue issues, like me and many others

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Due to issues with US 14 days encryption many Libre users are moving back to US 10 days Libre sensor as that works well with BluCon when I requested prescription for US 10 days instead of 14 days my endo told me

I know the 10 days still work, but I’m having trouble obtaining them from the pharmacy… at any rate, abbot is phasing them out, although I now wonder if they will either stop the encryption, or at least release the android app soon which may help the app developers… I posted this on another topic, but am still intrigued

…I still like the eversense with the transmitter that has a rechargeable battery and is guaranteed to last for a year. The implant surgery seems somewhat easy, however, insurance still seems like a mess, which is why eversense has the $99 3 month promotion, and another $99 for the 2nd 3 month sensor…plus the 6 month sensor will probably be approved soon, the fda started testing in January 2019…I have nothing to do with eversense, but I like the idea. I also think it is ridiculous that ambrosia blucon can make a wireless warerproof transmitter with replaceable batteries, but Dexcom can’t figure it out…seems inconceivable in 2019

Then they would not be able to charge for transmitters - nothing to figure out - It’s been done since dirt was new

You can still dremel out the old battery and replace with a silver oxide battery, just don’t solder it, it burns and ruins easily… then you have to epoxy it, reset it, etc. I found the libre easier, but after the us 14 day encryption, I’m on to Eversense…

The only reason I got the libre for my wife was not to deal with this transmitter nonsense - I got in half an argument here over someone telling me these batteries could not be easily swapped out

there are tiny led flashlights that are waterproof to 5 feet - case closed

Hi, I am from India and I first bought the BluCon Nightrider for my mother who has been diabetic for past 3 decades. As her condition started to deteriorate we had to switch to insulin from regular medicinal tablets and this is when real time glucose monitoring became a necessity for us. After using 2 other devices I ordered the blucon nightrider online that works on a freestyle 14 day sensor. This system being comparatively cheaper was the point of attraction for me since such glucose monitoring devices were not covered by my Insurance. Although after using almost all the major devices in market, I sincerely recommend blucon nightrider to everyone out there for the exceptional ease of access it offers at significantly economic price.
Now I import the device from USA and provide it to people personally through e commerce websites. I also have tie ups with certain NGOs and Doctors who help people to reach out to the device. My mother, with almighty’s grace and maybe because of the initiative I have taken up, is doing just fine for which I feel grateful every moment.

Just an FYI, abbot freestyle encrypted their us sensors, which is why every u.s. person is probably going to sell their kidney to afford the Dexcom… I personally went to Eversense, and now have lots of u.s. 14 day paperweights

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Diabetes is a debilitang disease for anyone. But when children as young as 2 and 3 years are diagnosed as diabec, it is not only sad but difficult to manage as well. The main aspect about managing diabetes is learning to frequently check and adjust blood glucose levels (also called blood sugar) of your child. You may need to check his glucose levels 10 to 12 mes a day. Aer that, you need to decide how much insulin he needs to bring his glucose to normal. Insulin dosage depends on a number of parameters – the ming of meals, the types of food eaten, acvity levels of your child and so on. The math can be tricky and not something you would like to risk geng wrong. But even if you got it right, how do you monitor the glucose level of your child when he/she is at school or away from home? How can you subject a young child to painful finger pricks mulple mes a day to find out his glucose level? How do you manage his medicaon to ensure his glucose level remains normal? Does this mean the end of birthday pares, summer camps, sleepovers and everything else that spells childhood and fun? Thankfully, No. Advancements in technology have made it easier to manage the disease compared to a few years ago when fingerscks and test strips ruled the roost. Mobile, as the technology of the future, is sweeping almost every sector today, and Healthcare is not far behind. LinkBluCon mobile app by Ambrosia Systems , California, USA is an App that has brought succor to thousands of diabec paents around the world, especially children and their Caregivers. The LinkBluCon app works along with Ambrosia’s NightRider BluCon , a bluetooth electronic transmier that sits on top of the paent’s FreeStyle Libre or FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor. The sensor is inserted into the Child’s forearm (a one me acvity). Once acvated, the sensor transmits glucose readings to NightRider BluCon and from there to the LinkBluCon app on the child’s mobile phone. The child can see readings on his phone as long as the app is running and the phone is within range of NightRider BluCon.

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I tried both Miao Miao and Blucon CGM devices. First i ordered MM which broke after 8 months of usage. one and only thing i liked it’s rechargable battery, bad part is it touch the skin, and i had severe rashes on skin.
Then I found Blucon on Facebook which is cost effective, and more comfortable to wear when it doesn’t touch the skin. I have been using it since Dec 2018. Now they have launched new devices which connects direct to Apple watch and smart watch based on Cellular connection. Over all my experience with BluCon is quite recommendable.

The T2 Libre will hopefully be in the USA soon - has alarms

I am agree with you Jane. Miao Miao I also don’t personally like it because I had bad skin rashes. I bought it for my father too which destroyed his all Libre sensors. I can’t trust Miao Miao at all and even won’t recommend to anyone. Then on Facebook I got to know about Blucon nightrider in July 2019 and since then I am using it. I like it the way it give notifications whenever our glucose level is high or low, I bought two devices one is for my father and another is for me. We can even share our readings with our endo which is best part I have ever seen in any CGM device. Me and my father both can follow readings of each other. A month back I was notified through an email that blucon ca now connect direct to apple watch. Which I haven’t tried yet but will try and share my experience here. Thank you ambrosia for making an easy life of all diabetics.