Abott Freestyle Libre trial

I am finally trying this, my cde gave me a sample kit. The first 2 days were ok. I am comparing to dexcom and fs. But since then it is giving me very low readings and it never corrects since there is apparently no way to calibrate.

Is there any way to correct it? Otherwise it is pretty much useless. I’m debating if I should even leave the sensor in my arm for several more days. It is less painful, inflammatory and itchy so far than dexcom and my pump insets are.

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Same with me. Was always too low by 30% - 50% or more. I thought CGMs were awful but then switched to Dexcom and it is even more accurate than they claim. For me the Libre wasn’t a fit. I laugh at the commercials that say you don’t need to finger stick with the Libre.

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One sensor does not mean the next one will not do well

they work for some and not others

my wife uses them - in the beginning I almost threw the reader in the trash - now I would not part with it - the last 5 months have been great

My T2D wife has a Libre and is very satisfied. Her demands for spot-on accuracy aren’t as critical as my own (T1D). I use a Dexcom G6.

The big difference for her vs. finger sticks is trend mapping and just the ease of using it. She would never test as frequently as she reads the Libre. Knowledge is power. Now she see what foods are the best/worst for her and manages more diligently/effectively than before.

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Eventually it self corrected so I have left it in. I would not give up dexcom for this though. No way to calibrate a bg which is dead wrong is just stupidity. I hope they change that over time. At least with dexcom I can correct an off number quickly.

I won’t be using this again after this sensor, my cde gave me the kit to try it out. It has no warnings/ alerts, no easy to see continual graph etc, no calibrations so it would not meet my needs. It is interesting to compare to my dexcom and fs.

Dex is way better even with the numbers also frequently being very off for me. It is too bad because so far the sensor is causing no irritations. Maybe it will be improved.

But how does she know if t is correct if she does nit compare to Fs. I do like also using it to see what is going on vs fs. But I have to know that it is in the range I am actually in.

I laugh at any promoter of a device that says you don’t need to Fs. Dex is also very off frequently for me, but at least I can calibrate and correct it. Fl gave me a 44 ( tried several scans) when bg was 99, with no way to correct.

I am glad for those who like the Libre. For me it was a disaster. Totally inaccurate. No alerts which was the most important thing for me at the time. And I hated swiping my arm in public just to see a reading which I knew was way off. Now with Dexcom I can simply gaze at my phone or watch and see a very accurate reading.

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It’s different for everyone, I find it as accurate or sometimes even more accurate than Dexcom. It’s also more reliable for me, I would often get ??? with Dexcom for hours. I haven’t tested in months, but I know it’s different for everyone.

My wife is T2 and rarely uses any short-acting insulin so low blood sugar is also a rare experience and she has symptoms at a high BG threshold. So she’s primarily looking for trend data to see where she’s going and how different meals are impacting her. She compares it with FS when she starts a new sensor and it’s a very close match. If she was T1 she would test much more often,

BUT - I don’t want to leave the impression I think Libre isn’t accurate or not suitable for T1. I have no experience and no basis to make such a judgement one way or the other.

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The problem is when either of them are very innacurate which they both are for me. At least dex I can calibrate. But I would never dose or treat without a fs or 3 etc.

If you add a NightRider or MiaoMiao reader to the Libre, and then use the Spike app (there’s another app whose name I can’t recall), the reader reads every 5 minutes and sends the reading to the app. The app lets you calibrate the readings, sends the readings to your watch, and set alarms for the readings. It will also read the 10 day sensors for about 14 days. This saves money since Libra upped the sensor price for the 14 day sensors.

I don’t think the app folks have figured out how to read the 14 day sensors, but I could be wrong.

Just something to look into if you want to stay with the Libra. I seem to recall someone mentioning less site irritation with the Libra.

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Thanks. I think that may be too complicated for me. Where do I get night rider and the app? I’m using my new iphone so I guess the app will work on it? I don’t find the phone to be as reliable for alerts etc. though as my dexcom receiver and I really need the alerts. But I might try this. I know a new one is in the works so maybe I will wait and see if it is better for me.

I just looked for the spike app and it is not currently available.

Are you using the 14 day U.S. sensors? If so none of the add ons or third party apps like spike/xdrip will work with them. Abbott encrypted the U.S. version so we can’t use anything but their products to get readings and the app developers haven’t figured out how to get around it yet.

Spike is currently unavailable because Apple shut it down and the developers are trying to figure out a way for iPhone users to be able to use it again. There isn’t any problem with the Android version though.

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I have a sample my cde gave me to try with 1 14 day sensor. I have an iphone so the other app wouldn’t work for me. So you’re saying you need the 10 day sensors made in Europe. How much are they and where can you get them? I may want to try one more.

I did have some bruising under this sensor top when I removed it. So I’m not sure if I want bruises all over my arms etc. at least it wasn’t itchy etc like dex sites.

Just get USA 10 day -

Last 17 days - morning test - only one my wife does with the meter

Contour Next / Libre


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That’s great! But I need warnings/ alerts etc. Mine gave me a 44 when fs and dex were 99 with no way to calibrate so I’m not sold on it yet. I may just try the new one when it comes out.

Libre does not work for some folks - had a lot of initial problems but stuck with it - something changed and they started working good.

She had used medtronic enlight which was a disaster and the biggest scam in medical history. I could have gotten Dex, but I was NOT in the mood to fool with transmitters and such.

Libre has the t2 in Europe which has alarms - hopefully soon here

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I heard elite is awful. It is dex all the way for me. And maybe the new libre or sensionic eventually.

This is prob insane, but I would just rather set my phone to wake up 5 or 6 times a night and check on her then bother with 7 days and transmitters - and all the hassle.