Freestyle Libre reset/delete?

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I’ve borrowed a Freestyle Libre + sensor. It has some prior data logged in its system. How do i reset the unit? I cannot find any info in this, neither in the software manual or device manual.

Could it really be that Abbott havent included a ‘reset’ or ‘delete profile’ feature?

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I am also icloud looking for this solution. Cant reset it. Need gimp help here.


Sorry not possible. Only by Abbott self.


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That will work.

By Abbott? As in… i’d have to actually send in the device for a reset? Yeah okay, not happening :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks.

Freestyle receiver in Canada $49
Dexcom receiver in canada $800
I’ll just buy another Libre receiver

I think it can be reset but Abbott would need to tell you the steps to take. The reason I think this is easily done, . . . I called Abbott about a problem I had. I had applied a new sensor to my arm, swiped it with the reader to begin the clock on the 12 hour warm up and then after the warm up completed, it said remove sensor and replace with a new one. What ??? I just put this one on 12 hours ago and never got my first reading from it. I called Abbott. After a very lengthy discussion with a rep, he said he would just reset my entire system. He told me to go to the settings button, and then, . . . . I stopped him cold at this point as I did NOT want to wipe out everything on my reader. I had not downloaded all the prior information from prior sensors yet and wanted that information to take to my doctor. I had already wasted nearly an hour with this guy and I was still going to have to remove and replace the sensor so what was the point of resetting my reader to blank?

I think it is a matter of holding down a button or option. You may want to try to call them and ask how to reset your reader. You may need to trick them into it as they guard their error codes that are listed in the event log like it was worth a trillion bucks.