Frequency of testing by T2 not on Med or Insulin

I have been off Metformin for about a month. In an attempt to maintain tight control I am testing when I get up in the morning, after running, before lunch, late afternoon, before dinner and before bedtime. Sometimes I go low at about 3am so I test and eat a 15 gram carbo tablet. Well today, I got caught by the cost control police when I went to pick up my test strips at the Pharmacy ! They said I was a month early but gave me my supply anyway. That lead me to question myself, am i testing too much?


Jim, Good for you for being so diligent! Unfortunately, most insurance companies don’t think people need to test BGs very often if at all if they are not taking any medicine. How do you know you are diet controlled if you don’t check to make sure you are still in control? I usually suggest two - three times a day for DM 2 without meds or with one oral med. But I am a certified diabetes educator, not the insurance company.

Thanks Donna! I think my doctor is thinking along the same line as you are . I emailed my doc about it and She sent a new order for me to get 300 test strips on my next pick up after March 15. When I went today and picked up under the " old " order which was 200 test strips. I may be lucky in that I have a PPO and they really drive control on Diabetes so hopefully they do not stop me.
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Feel free to do whatever suits you, I should say. As long as your fingers could take it, why not? Let your overall feeling tell you when to test.