Frequent urination with low BG at night

Hi All,

I’m getting up to urinate about 6 times per night even with low BG. Needless to say it interrupts my sleep. Anybody have experience/opinions about this? Really don’t want to take medication for active bladder. Thanks!


Hi Cynthia,

I go through bouts of this, where sometimes I’ll need to go like 4 times a night. I’m sure you have thought of this, but for me, it tends to be the days that I drink too many liquids - water, and especially tea/coffee or beer.

One strategy for limitng the amount of bathroom breaks is “storing it up” like a camel so I can go right as I get in to bed. That will usually allow me to go 4-5 hours through the night, then I go once in the middle of the night, then right when I wake up.

Kind of a cheesy response. Maybe others have better ideas.

Take Care,

Are you being a lot in terms of volume, or just feeling the urge to go often?

If you aren’t peeing a ton each time, you may have a UTI. If you don’t have a regular doc (like a GP) you can make an appointment with quickly, urgent care or even CVS’s minute clinic can screen you for it.

Other than that, limiting any liquids after dinner may help. I have to do that with my kids or they’ll wet the bed.

I have had this problem on and off, and its usually do to the fact I take HCTZ and some days I drink lots all day and eve. I have found cutting back at 5 and only drink sips has helped.