Frozen Shoulder

I got to ask you guys here this b/c I know you would know. Anyway who here has had a frozen shoulder had it operated on just to find out 50% of your rotater cup is gone and now you feel like you’ve got it again? Well that’s the way I’ve been feeling now for about a week! It hurts and I want to ask do I need to go back to the Dr that done the surgery and tell him or do I just live with it? I DON’T WANT ANY MORE SURGERY DONE ON IT!!!

Let me ask you. How did the physical therapy go? Have you kept up with it? Have you been doing your exercises every day? If you don’t get your shoulder back fit and strong and keep it that way, it is like a losing battle. I’m just sayin, maybe it would be good to go back for physio and realize that you are going to have to continue shoulder exercises.


Yep done all the exercise EVERYDAY! The PT went good after I think it was 6 months he let me go. You maybe right though about having to go back for PT again though! I do pretty good with pain but today? Well just not so good! It makes me upset that I can’t do what I usually do!