I have a hard time bolusing correctly for fruit. I weigh the fruit, count the carbs, take my insulin 10 minutes beforehand, but it never seems to work out right! Any suggestions?

I never had much bother with fruit, well apart from bananas. I hope someone can help you out here. Do you have trouble going low once you've taken your insulin or does your bg jump ?

i find that lots of fruit, like melon, makes me spike. maybe if thats happening try waiting longer between insulin and fruit? you could maybe try to slow down the glucose absorption with some fatty cheese??

I eat apples at most meals. The trick is to bolus for the meal and eat the apple at the end. The spike is slowed by the protein, fiber and fat that comes before the fruit and eating the apple or other fruit at the end gives the insulin a running start.

You have not even said what your problem is. Do you go low or high? Do you spike?

Good catch - never assume !

If you go high, try eating fruit with fat and protein. That will slow down the glucose from entering your bloodstream. I also find that fruit makes me spike fast so I bolus 20 minutes before eating it to give the insulin time to work.