G4 Sensor failure

hey all - im fairly new to the Dex…been on since beginning of January. I got my first Sensor Failure tonight after having it on for only about 3 days. i have no more sensors becuase i ran out for the month of March and had hopes to make this one last until I can place my next order on the 4th. Im wondering if the sensor crashed because i was running high for the past 3 hours or if there was a legitimate reason for it crashing. I tried calling DexCom but of course, it’s sunday night at 8:30, on Easter sunday, so no one is there to ask. Should i pull the Sensor off and just wait til my next order comes in or keep the sensor on and try to see if it will restart?

It can't hurt to keep it on for a little bit and try to restart it later. Depending on what you mean by "sensor failure" and what kind of error or failure it was, you might not be able to restart it, but if you can, it's worth a shot. I doubt it failed because you've been running high for 3 hours, that shouldn't have any bearing over things, but you never know I guess.

Sometimes I've had sensor failures just because I where I ended up inserting it. I find that if I insert it in a weird place, like its sitting in or right up next to a blood vessel or something, it will give me weird readings and might fail, but I have only had that happen once or twice. Good luck! And it'd be worth a call to Dexcom tomorrow just to see if they can trouble shoot with you to see what might have happened.

I would restart it as well. I've had it fail on me on the old Dex7 version. And a restart worked almost every time. In fact I had one in for 2 days. It failed twice on my on day 2. And also gave me the ??? error several times. After about the 4th restart it worked fine for 7 more days.

I would NOT remove the sensor until I got hold of Dex. Give it a while and try to restart it. The worst that can happen is that it won't restart. If you start having pain, that is a different story.

It is not because you run high. My daughter runs high all the time 400+ and it has never failed for that reason. It has however failed many times before from laying on it funny, showering, etc. Most of the time it will either connect on it's own or restart if we restart it. Only once or twice did we have sensors that would not connect at all. If it does not connect call Dexcom. I have heard that they replace sensors that have failed too soon.

If you have had it on for only three days, Dexcom should replace it for free. My G4 sensor failed after four days. The rep told me that it was guaranteed for seven days and sent a replacement. Leave it on and call again, there should be someone on standby.


I have had 4 or 5 sensor failures. I have had some luck restarting. But calling Dexcom is definitely to your benefit. . . I got a new monitor, new transmitter, and three new insertion devices based on my not so great experiences with the G4. So, call them! :slight_smile: