G5, Medicare, apple watch

I did a search but maybe did not use right terms. I am planning to take advantage of a few bucks off an apple watch series 4 and am on Medicare. As I understand it, I can now legally send cgm readings to it, correct? I don’t have a big problem with the Dex receiver but would like to use both if possible. Or try the watch alone if necessary.
Those who have the series 4 watch, do you have gps one only or gps + cellular? Text says you can still do phone calls/text with gps only. Not sure if I have to have iPhone with me in that case. I can ask the sales person that but mainly need to know about the legality issue with Medicare here. If there are a few techies living alone and not too concerned about turkey etc. !

Dear Blueburd;

 Medicare is OK with Diabetics using Dexcom's mobile CGM app for glucose monitoring, the Dexcom G5®Mobile and Follow apps for your smart device, phones, watches, and communication with others via "Clarify" in conjunction with the G5.  You may discuss the uses with Dexcom as that is where I got the OK.  The first time I used the devices and was being guided thru the process, this approval was explained.  I was very happy.  This happened over the past summer.  

Take care, LM

Thank you, Dezygnher! I got your longer message. Thanks.

Y U R welcome ;

L. E. Mosk#####