G6 readings compared to One Drop testing

I’ve been using the G6 for a couple months and haven’t gotten an A1C in that time. Once in a while, for a variety of reasons, I check my BG with Apple One Drop. Usually the fingerstick shows a higher reading than the G6. Last night the G6 was showing about 100 for 30 minutes, so I stuck my finger. Got a reading of 133. I stuck a different finger and got 140. I’ve noticed that the G6 sometimes tells me that I am low and I don’t feel low. (I control my BG quite well, with average A1C of around 5.5.) Does anyone else notice that the G6 readings seem to be low? When I get an A1C test I’ll get some confirmation. The Tconnect readings online are wonderful, but I don’t know how accurate they are until an A1C tells me. I don’t know if One Drop is too high or Tconnect is too low or if both situations apply.

Does it connect with Dexcom G5 or only by input?

I’m not sure what you mean. The G6 reads automatically on my Tandem pump. The finger stick doesn’t connect with anything; I just read it on the One Drop meter and then compare it to what the G6 is showing.

If you really want to know if your G6 is accurate, compare it to the readings (when u are level) of a Contour Next meter (any model will do). I know zip about the One Drop–it might be as accurate as the Next for all I know,but we DO know that the Next meters are the best.

Thank you for the suggestion. Since I don’t want to buy another meter and strips right now, I will find out just by getting an A1C next month and comparing it to the Tconnect prediction. I just wondered if anyone else had noticed how the G6 does through a pump. I’m expecting an A1C of about 5.2 (BG of 103), and I’ll get a shock if it turns out to be 6.0 (125). That would cause me to aim for a BG of 75 on the G6, which leaves less leeway.

Whenever I tested my One Drop meter against a lab drawn glucose test it always came back within a couple of points from the meter.

Thank you. That’s encouraging about One Drop, but discouraging about my G6. One Drop usually shows much higher than G6.