G6 transmitter

Hey so I’ve had the problem that I had multiple sensor failures in the last 2 years resulting in me having 10 extra sensors. What is nice but now I don’t have the money to buy myself a transmitter to cope with the extra sensors. I spoke with my insurance company and told them to compensate it for sensors and let me pickup an extra transmitter but to no result. Anyone having the same issue and how did you fixed this? I mean I can sell my sensors or buy a transmitter or just toss them what is a waste.or if someone has a spare… Lol

You can use the transmitter for 110 days where you only normally got 90. So that’s 2 sensors every time you get a transmitter
Should be able to use em up.

Are you saying your insurance company won’t let you order a transmitter by itself ? That seems odd, but possible.

Who do you order from? Did you ask them to run check on transmitter only order, to see insurance coverage ?

My insurance will not. I get 9 sensors and one transmitter every 90 days.
I will usually put one extra sensor on the existing transmitter so that my transmitter has more life in it.

But really this is all going to be moot when the g7 comes out.

Same here

Same here at first, when ordering as DME supplier. But last year my insurance started coverage via pharmacy or dme. Pharma is more convenient, lower cost and can be ordered locally as needed.

Check your insurance formulary for dexcom. If no G6, it may switch for G7 since there is no “durable” (DME) part, once G7 is covered.

Assuming a G7 receiver is available and purchased for Medicare coverage, the G7 receiver will be the durable part, which is similar to G6. Sorry for confusion. Will know for sure once Dexcom posts on their website and Medicare formally documents criteria for coverage for G7.