Gastroparesis automode 770

Right now I am dealing with gastroparesis. I am on automode but I find that in order to control my highs after eating that I have to slip out of automode, do a correction and go back in. AM takes too much time to lower my highs. Does anyone see a problem with doing this? They say that the aftermeal bloodsugars are more detrimental on the body, especially someone with gastroparesis.

I have a tandem, so it a little different.
Can’t you give a correction while in auto mode ?
I mean you don’t turn it off to eat right?
Just take a bolus as you would if you were eating something

I make small corrections all the time, when I don’t want to wait for my pump to correct, I will give a unit or 2

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Automode will only suggest a correction. Alot of the times it doesn’t. I exit out of automode and do a correction in manual mode. It is better to do this than enter phantom carbs as that messes up the algorithm for whatever reason. I can still be in automode while bolussing. That’s the way it should work. Correct when you are above your target threshold.

Dee, Ask your doctor how they want you to handle this. I am pretty sure they will have a good answer for your situation.