Generic Novolog Insulin

So while you can get a generic version of almost any medicine today, I don’t understand why there aren’t any generic versions of the quick-acting insulin Novolog. Or any other types of insulin for that matter. Does anyone know if there is a generic version of Novolog, and if so, where I can find it? It would be great to save money on my medicines because diabetes can get pretty expensive.


I have written extensively on this topic, and it comes down to politics. There is presently no such thing as generic insulin thanks to U.S. regulators. Read my posts on that topic at…,…,…, and… for some more background. You SHOULD write to your representatives in Congress and ask them why they continue to extend the patents on products by refusing to pass legislation to permit follow-on biopharmaceuticals!

Well I’ve been on that search as well.
So far I’ve found that walmart pharmacies carry some cheaper insulin solutions and this chart to help gauge the time and type that would work for you

I am using the Walmart insulin’s, but they are actually not generic, they are rebranded versions. Up until last year, Walmart sold Novo Nordisk insulins under it’s Relion Brand. Walmart renegotiated things and now sells the Eli Lilly Humalin under it’s Relion brand. But make no mistake, it is not generic, it is licensed and branded.