Give up?

Does anyone know anything about Apidra? Apparently my insurance company (and the one of my parents as well) is now only going to cover Apidra. I've been using Novolog via my pump for a couple years now and was using Humalog before that - in fact, I had to switch to Novolog because the insurance stopped covering Humalog!

I'm not so concerned about myself right now, as I'm going to die anyway because the insurance also has stopped covering my thyroid medication, but I'm wondering how it (the Apidra) will effect my father. He's type 1, but doesn't check his blood sugar before he takes insulin and can't feel when he starts to go low. I guess I'm concerned that this Apidra (which I have no experience with other than what I've Googled and read about in my Mosby's) will work too fast and leave him low quite quickly.

Is there a big difference between Novolog and Apidra? This is very discouraging and frustrating for me, because all three of us (myself, my mom, and my dad) are diabetics on insulin who have incredibly limited incomes.

I have taken Apidra for almost as long as it has been out. I like it a lot. It is a fast acting insulin that has a rapid expel time. It very seldom leaves me low. My endo tells me that one will use slightly less insulin with Apidra, but other than that, it should work quite well. I have taken it through MDI and now, by pump.

As all insulins, Apidra is expensive. I am surprised that it becomes the preferred insulin of your insurance company. I thought Novolog had the lock on that.

Why are you being denied your thyroid medication? Can you not appeal to the insurance company or go anywhere else for help? Maureen

I switch between Apidra, Novolog, and Humolog pretty frequently, depending on what kind of promotions/prices I can find. I really don't notice a difference between any of the three.

Hi Cara. My insurance company now covers Novolog and Lantus rather than the two insulins I really need: Apidra and Levemir. My insurance company notified me that they would no longer cover the Apidra and Levemir, but that I could "request an exception". The first step would be to contact my prescribing physician to then contact them, to write them why I need the exception. I've started that process and I sure hope it works because neither Novolog nor Apidra works for me.

To your discussion, yes Apidra works more faster with a shorter tail. Perhaps your father could contact his doctor for an exception?

About the thyroid medication, maybe they're covering a different thyroid medication from the one you are now taking? If not, I would suggest that you contact your doctor immediately!

I have used Apidra since I got a sample from my endo in December. Prior to that I was using humalog before meals but I was finding that the really long tail on humalog could lead to lows several hours after a meal. The apidra has a pretty short tail, max about 2 1/2 hours and then it is out of your system and so far I have really liked it and rarely get low from it.

Oops, what I meant was that neither Novolog nor LANTUS works for me; Apidra and Levemir do work.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm also surprised about the switch to Apidra by the insurance company, but evidently that seems to be what's happening. I'm gonna have more problems than just the insulin and the thyroid medication I think, but one step at a time I suppose. I definitely can't live without either of those anyway, but going without Crestor is gonna have some consequences too. I just hope that when the time comes to get my other Rxs refilled that there won't be problems - going without atenolol and effexor won't be pleasant either I'm afraid, plus the few other scripts I'm not even thinking of at the moment.

Not to seem whiny, but why can't I just be normal for awhile and NOT have to worry about a dozen prescriptions and ways to pay for them? It gets old, just like me.

Sorry Cara, but yes you're right, it does get old and no you are NOT old. Right now if you have insurance you can get the Apidra without any co-pay. just copy the link and register with Sanofi. The program is good through Dec.31, 2013. I am currently getting lipitor free of charge from Wegman's supermarket pharmacy - but unfortunately that is only in the northeast, I don't think they are in Minnesota. My best advice is check online for coupons or specials on the medicines you are taking. Some pharma companies run special deals. And some have patient assistance programs as well if you need the medication but can't afford it.

I was on Apidra ever since I was on insulin. I use the pen. I was told Apidra no longer made the pen so I was switched to Humalog. I had no trouble with Apidra. I hope you can get your other medication straightened out. I am noticing doctors who always said see you in 3 months are now saying 6 months. It is going to be a battle.

Yes I use the Apidra pens and pay no co-pay because of the coupon.

You may find a difference between Apidra and other analogs. But it won't be earth shattering. The only drawback I found was that in hot weather (quite rare where I live!) it can get weak on day #3 in a pump. Just keep it cool as much as possible.

It is the hot-rod of rapid insulins. Faster off the line, with a stronger peak, but with a shorter duration. Use a dual wave bolus to compensate for this.