Glandular fever virus could trigger type 1 diabetes

My son was diagnosed precisely month and a half after having a virus with very high fevers, even thou his labs came negative for Epstein-Barr, I’m sure that virus triggered his T1.

I might never know for sure if that’s what happened in our case, but hopefully, through research, something can be done to prevent it.

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I believe it is possible. I am the only T1 in my family history , so far. 40 years ago my T1 appeared only a few months after a bout of Pleurisy which could be caused by a viral infection.

Knowing the cause does not really help a diabetic. UNFORTUNATELY.

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I was diagnosed with the flu right before I started showing signs of diabetes and my mom and I think that the flu gave me my diabetes or kick started it.

My mom insists I was diagnosed shortly after having gotten over one of the rash diseases. Fifths, Roseola, etc. She and my pedi had no idea which one, but I ran a high fever a couple of days and then got a rash. About a month later, I was diagnosed with type 1.

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I had had a really nasty cold in late October 1983 and was just finally getting over it when I started noticing the symptoms that turned out to be T1. Had no idea what it was; tried to ignore it but it kept getting worse through November; finally dragged myself in to see a doctor in mid-December and was dx’d T1. Dr said it could be kicked off by a virus, and I always thought it was that damned cold that did it, though obviously there’s no proof one way or the other. Certainly isn’t the strain that runs in families–only one other case has ever turned up in my huge extended family (my first cousin’s daughter).

And to complicate the issue, I was a perfectly healthy little eight year old one day and a week later was in a coma. No cold, not illness, no flu. For me, genetics might play more a part as my great grandmother had type 1. And long after my diagnosis my grandmother and dad diagnosed with type 2. It is the biggest struggle trying to find the reason because each case is a little different. But 47 years of hoping and praying we can find that cure, I have not given up hope, but do realize it’s going to take a long time.