Glucometer research question

Does anyone remember what the fastest glucometer test time was in the late 1980s (and the particular model)? I vaguely remember having one that took 45 seconds, but I can’t remember when exactly that was, and I have no specific recollection of the transition to the 4-second test that my current meter does. Thanks!

Heather, I am thinking : would TuD Danny’s Diabetes Photo Museum give you any insights from pictures and from members ., who posted on Danny’s discussion ??

There are others, but the One Touch II took 45 seconds. This speed was for the old glucose oxidase reaction. Then they came out with the One Touch Fast Take, which they advertised as taking only 15 seconds. The current One Touch Ultra takes 5 seconds. They had the biggest market presense, but they did not develop the technology. Other start up companies had much faster and smaller meters (several seconds) back when One Touch II was advertising they were more reliable than the new high tech meters. Of course once they gotten the technology working themselves they replaced their old meters with the new ones, and most of those smaller meter companies never had enough market presense and went out of business.

Thanks, folks. Yes, if anyone could direct me back to the photo museum, that would be great.

And if anyone knows what year (roughly) the One Touch Fast Take or the Accu-Check Instant first came out, that would also be great.

(This is all research for my next novel, which is going to venture into D-land.)

LOL! I think the Ames Glucometer ll took 2 minutes. I had it in 1988. Sorry, not 45 minutes though.

I try : main page of TuD …top part shows titles of discussions , pictures etc. : such as " shots versus pumps" , " health seeker" , " diabetes photo museum" etc. etc. …click on the " next " or " previous " button to move to the discussion you like to see. , then click on that .Danny has it organized in detailed years .
Alternatively send " Danny " a pm , if you are friends .; the( good looking ) fellow , with the blue profile pix or any of the contributors ??
I bet there is a much easier way to explain …I just don’t know it :frowning: …hope you get there, Heather !

Boy do I remember that one. Oh and you couldn’t move it b/c any movement would interfear with the reading… And I thought it was such a good thing. Look at now!

I had a bayer elite that took 60 seconds was wondrfully accurate always 5 % below the lab test. The 5 second meters are guck in comparaison would buy my old meter and strips back any day if they were available.

I had the one touch 2, and it was a dog. I only used it twice, both times, my mother made me. Dam i hated that thing.

rick phillips