Glucometers and accuracy

The anectdotal postings we read about preferred glucometers are interesting but what I would really like to see is a meaningful analysis of the accuracy of the meters. There is a lot of money being spent right now on television ads promoting specific glucometers. Wouldn’t it be neat if there were some way to force these advertisers to include in their ads what the accuracy of the meters they sell actually is? The Surgeon General was able (with some help of Congress) to force cigarette makers to print a warning label on their packaging. As CGM systems get better and better the manufacturers of glucometers should have some incentive in investing in improving accuracy. Twenty percent plus-or-minus is nearly meaningless for someone who is striving for tight control.

I agree! Click here for a recent discussion on some possible changes!

Kristin: Many thanks for that info. I don’t know how I could have missed the NYT article – I devour that newspaper every morning! One of the most telling quotes is that of the spokeswoman for the Advanced Medical Technology Association who says “We think the present standard is working.” I suppose they think the markup of 900 percent on test strips is also working quite well. When I feel inspired (and my glucose level is satisfactory) I will compose a letter to my state’s two senators on the matter.

Your support strengthened my resolve and I have just mailed letters to Pennsylvania senators Specter and Casey urging them to help push the FDA to improving those standards.