GlucoRx launch

What’s our deal with the new GlucoRx for DMT1’s in USA?

Too good to be true?

Update and thoughts welcome.

When? Cost? CMMS?

Why am I suspicious?


I had to look this up ‘cos I’d not heard of it previously.

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It was on European news a few times.

Two guys from Cardiff U.

Sounds amazing.

Because most of these products never actually come to fruition. Even if this works, which has yet to be proven out in further studies, it then needs to be submitted for CE approval which will take a while and make this available only in Europe. If we can direct pay and order it in the US at any time, even though it will not be FDA approved, I am all in but that usually does not happen with new diabetic technologies developed in Europe. That usually only happens with technologies developed in Asia. Once it has CE approval, then the manufacturer has to apply for FDA approval if they want to grab a large part of the US market.

If this works as planned, I would expect to hear more about it here in the US by the Summer or 2025. My thoughts are we will be on the moon again, long before this ever launches in the US.


I doubt it will ever work much less be available… This claim below posted on their site is ridiculous… there is no real explanation of how it works, no video etc. They also say it’s going to monitor your heart, your blood pressure, and numerous other things so it will prevent all diseases I guess- maybe it has a cancer monitor too lol. If anything comes of it and it works I’ll be happily surprised. It certainly would be nice not to have to have CGM sensors stuck in you all the time and all those issues etc.

When used as an early intervention to change lifestyle, the GlucoRx BioXensor™ will assist in preventing the onset of diabetes, or its remission, and improve quality of life with its smart alarms and remote monitoring technology.

But TV news guy with Midlands accent said it’s a game changer. lol.

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:joy_cat: I hope something does come of it. I remember another device that was going to measure bg by light from your eyes maybe?

I think that might be the contact lens that Verily was designing? I think it was supposed to measure it from the fluid in your eye or something.

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Yes that was it maybe.