Glucose testing

Okay, I am a type one, so I test 8-10 times a day. So you can imagine my shock when my newly diagnosed type 2 dad tells me he is only allocated enough strips to test once a week.

Is this normal? I don’t understand how he can know where he is with just once a week. Expecially that he frequently wakes up in the middle of the night thirsty and needing to go to the toilet. Sure signs of high sugars.

Are you sure the prescription isn’t for one strip per day, a common number for the insurance companies?

I’m t2 and personally I test from once to four times per day although my dr said “I don’t see why you don’t test just once a day…” I want to be able to tell what foods effect me in what ways.

Nope. He is only testing once a week.
I live in England btw. I think it is the govement trying to save money, because we get all the things for free here.

As officially a Type 1, my medical aid will not cover testing more than 1-2 times a day. My jaw hit the floor when the pharmacy guy at my insurance asked me why I needed to test more than that.

I know of a Type 2 who tests once a day, but she has figured out a schedule of when to test and follows a very similar lifestyle in terms of eating and exercising. I don’t think that most people could live the way she does.

Hi Rebekah,
A quick google search for “nhs guidelines blood sugar testing” took me here On this page is some advice for those with Type 2 if their GPs refuse to prescribe enough test strips. I’d get your dad to read the advice on this page, and, in particular, print out the NICE (National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines regarding this.

I’m Type 1 so luckily haven’t run into these problems but I can imagine how frustrating it is for those with Type 2 who are looked after by awkward GPs. Good luck!