Going off symlin

After three years, my doctor took me off symlin last week, and now I am plagued with lows. Anyone else had to make this transition? My carb ratio before symlin was 1:15, and on symlin was 1:20. I’m trying 1:18 now with some luck, but still too many lows for my liking!

Hey Toni,
I’m confused (maybe you are too) – On Symlin you were needing less insulin for each bolus (1:20 units) so when are you getting these lows? I would think that after meals your sugars would be a little higher because you don’t have the Symlin to help the insulin. How are your basal rates? Those may change too …

Just curious, why were you taken off? I’ve been on it 4 years and it has made a huge difference for me, but I know it’s different for everyone.

Your right, I need more now, so I take 1 unit of insulin for every 18 carbs instead of for every 20 carbs. I have not changed my basal rates as of yet, but may be an option if things don’t smooth out soon.

My endo originally put me on the symlin just to tighten things up a bit. They only brought me down about .2 on my A1C. Last weeks A1C jumped way up and we’re trying to figure out why. I have never had this happen in my 15 years of T1. He’s looking at celiac being the culprit right now, but wanted to eliminate all factors, so took me off the symlin since it hasn’t seemed to have a big effect.

Tony – maybe your beta cells recovered a little or your body has adapted to a new basal metabolism? Ask your doctor to send you for a stimulated C-peptide test. You may not need as much insulin – it’s been 3 years. Congratulations!! :slight_smile: