Going to the movies

We are headed to the movies today, something we haven't done since our son was diagnosed, and I am a little worried about when to bolus. If my son decides to have a snack (which I am sure he will) he usually gets a box of candy but then doesn't usually eat all of it and it takes the whole movie for him to eat what he does so do I just wait until we leave to bolus after the movie to make sure he doesn't go too low during the movie? I feel like this isn't something that I should be so worried about but it is one of those situations that we haven't experienced yet so I am not sure....

Do you have an extended bolus on your pump? It will give him the bolus slowly for whatever amount of time you specify. Some of my friends love that feature when their kid is at a party - just snack away while slowly getting insulin. However, I know it can be hit or miss for people.

I would do the same thing - extended bolus. Maybe slightly less than the whole box just in case he doesn't finish.

every new situation makes you think and worry. the first time we went to a movie we couldnt believe after jacob was in the 400s without eating for no reason apparently. it was the excitement of the movie!!!! so now if he goes he snacks and boluses mabye a bit more than we would normally and things work out better with some insulin on board what every works for you and alex with the timing but maybe getting him settling with something and extending a bit if he is on a pump at the beginning might work best so his has active insulin and a diet beverage perhaps on board for the whole thing best of luck good question! amy

We made it through.... Obviously I was a little more nervous then Alex. He didn't want popcorn, of course, but he got a box of candy and a flavored water to drink. I was concerned about bolusing at the beginning and then him taking the whole movie to eat his candy but he had it gone before the movie started. He was still inthe 400s at dinner so even with the extra insulin the lack of activity got him. It all worked out though...
A couple of the responses were about an extended bolus, I don't know if his pump has that option and if it does I am not sure how to work it. I will have to look into that and talk to the Dr. when we are there next week because that probably would have helped with the high?
Thanks for the input everyone!

Congrats! I don't think the extended bolus would have helped if he ate the whole box of candy before the movie - only if he ate it slowly during the whole movie. Your high was probably just because you post-bolused on a box of candy, but what else are you going to do right now when you haven't done a movie before with diabetes? I am sure the endo will work it out with you. It is important to face our fears and try new things - it's the only way to learn.