Good Report from Doc

I made it a bit lower today. I checked in at 173 pounds! Yiipppeeee!
My A1C is down to 6.1 from 6.8… Doc says that since I have only been on Byetta for abut 3 1/2 weeks I will see it come down a bit more by January.
He said my cholesterol and tri’s were doing ok too. I dont have to go back til January! ( He said if I wanted to see him to just give a holler or of course I can email him. :slight_smile: He is pretty cool! ) I’m dropping off my copy of “Eat To Live” for him to take a look at.

Stephen bought an exercise bike for me! So,rainy days will not be a problem anymore. I guess I’m going in a good direction for now.

I’ve been emotionally down for a while. I think it has alot to do with the season and missing my son. I’m working my way thru… slowly.

Hi MeadowLark! That’s GREAT! I’m happy for you! Keep it up! Happy Veterans Day! :} :}:}:}