Google smart contact lens for glucose monitoring

Has anyone heard about this technology being developed by Google? Amazing! I would love to participate in a trial for these. I hope they don't too long to come out!
Here is the link:

I read about this on another tech site and also read about it a few years back.

The contact idea is not new, but google has the funds and tech and seemed to make a bigger splash in the news when they released that they are also working on it.
I think it’s still at least 6 years out. I understand they already started conversations with the FDA which is smart to get that going early on. They even mentioned adding a little red light or two as an alert method. I think every second is overkill for testing unless it’s being used to rule out false positives and might only report every 5 minutes?

It’s a big pool of money and with type 2 on the rise in children I can see why some tech companies want some of the money also. It may he greed based??? But at least the tech companies are getting into it. It’s time for a change in medical devices that are not affordable to the public and to be smarter and smaller hopefully with features that people could want and use.

Would not work for me even if they do get it on the market. My astigmatism can not be corrected with out a hard contact lens. Even if I kept my glasses and just tried to wear non correction CGM lens it will not fly with my dry eye.
I can't imagine trying to keep something like that in 24/7 with the potential for corneal damage and scaring. Healing in diabetics can be an issue and you only have two eyes. My fine vision is my source of employment. Not sure you would be able to get compensation if there were issues and at that point it's too late.

I use a Dexcom G4 and do not mind the sensor insert, get about three weeks per sensor if I take good care with placement and keeping it taped down, don't knock it during daily activities and don't roll over and sleep on it. What I would like is a rechargeable miniaturized transmitter instead of the current big gray lump, but for now that is the trade off to get the extended range between transmitor and receiver.

The reports I get from the G4 are worth the lump, not sure if the range from transmitter,and complex reports are an option with the CGM lens. Are they reusable vs disposable, rechargeable, cleanable, sterilizable etc? Sounds like you will still need some "device" that they report to since how would a color blink wake you up at night to warn you of an impending disaster.
It might have applications as a low profile CGM in a closed loop system, using smart tech to control a pump with insulin and glucagon, but for now the only clinical trial of a true closed loop system uses a Dex G4, two T:slim pumps and smart phone loaded with the control algorithms.

Wish I could get in on that!

I’ve also been watching the bionic pancreas project closely. I understand I’m cynical companies are making glucagon so it will last longer closer to the insulin life. I also heard rumors of a blutooth enabled transmitter for dexcom to work with the T:Slim pump and that T:Slim has a dual pump in the works.
If dexcom was smart they would make the new Bluetooth transmitter rechargeable to compete with medtronics rechargeable transmitter. I think the bionic pancreas without the iPhone in the middle to handle the algorithm would be a great close look combination. I believe the T:Slim runs on a ARM processor so it would be more than capable of running the bionic pancreas software and still be battery friendly.

Yes, am ahead of you, posted it under the blogs section, there is a link to the actual Google blog site

I end up sleeping on my G4 all the time and it does not seem to effect it. I have not had it come off due to sleeping on it yet either. Hope I just didn't jinx myself.

I'm putting my money (literally) on the Faustman Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, which is making huge strides on a cure. A worthy cause.