Got my medal for 50-year type-1 diabetes and help needed

I got the medal with a certificate talking about how brave I'm to stay alive.....LOL. My wife for 60 years got a certificate at my request saying that she is recognised as part of my daily fight with our lovely diabetes.

Problem; Both the certificates and accompanying letters I cannot copy in order to put them in my posting. Also don't know if a picture of the medal can be posted and I believe it cannot be posted. Cannot darken them to copy not even after trying for 3 hours non-stop. (Tried doing it. I can see them with Richard. Wonder how to do that.)

Will tell you more later. This was nice for X-mas! The people at Joslin are terrific!

JB.Yes that's me!

Do you have a scanner? There's usually a setting to darken.

Congrats to you both. Lovely Joslin recognized your wife!


SO glad it got to you for Christmas!


Like Gerri said, most scanners have the ability to change the settings. Maybe if you post what kind you are using & what software, someone can walk you thru how to do it. A digital camera is what you would need to take the pic of the medal and upload it. If you only have a regular camera, most processing places will put the pics on a CD for you when you get the pictures developed.

Hello Richard:

Do you have access to a teenager -GGG-

Can they access a scanner? Anybody have a digital camera with the cords to connect it to the computer to download it?

The actual enhancing of the background, the watermarks, the silver/gold font etc. is time consuming but not too impossible. Spent a long time with a crippled computer two weeks ago trying to get the kids karate certificates for my classes to print the way I needed them. And my "problem" fonts were japanese which my printer choked on but good.... -cringing-


Great to read your news Mr.and Mrs. JB ....we use the local UPS store to scan ( for a fee ) ...they will sent the scanned stuff to your e-mail address .

They likely would take a digital pix of your medal as well and process to your e-mail address.

Have fun !

Congratulations. Diabetes is a daily battle, isn’t it?