Got the CGMS

I got my Minimed CGMS today. I have the sensor in and it has been in for about 4 hours and I can’t seem to get it “wet” to where the transmittor will work. What is usually the average?

Did you start up yourself, or did you have a trainer?

The sensor works best if it’s inserted at a greater angle than 45 degrees. 60 seems to be best. The manual says that after you insert the sensor you should wait 5 minutes before connecting the transmitter but my CDE said to wait at least 20. Once you connect the transmitter it should ask for a meter BG in about 2 hours or so.

Did you fully charge the transmitter?
When you removed it from the charger, did you see the green light on the transmitter flash?
Did you wait at least 1 minute after removing it from the charger before connecting it to the sensor?
Did you see the green light on the transmitter flash when you connected it to the sensor?

My very first sensor never worked. My CDE inserted it and she said she didn’t think she went deep enough. I kept getting Lost Sensor alarms and could not calibrate it. Minimed had me disconnect the transmitter, recharge it, reattach it and start all over but it never worked. I spent about 6 hours trying before they finally told me to pull it. They did send me a replacement. If you started up by yourself I’m not sure how willing they’d be about replacing it, but if you had a trainer (either from MM or your doctor’s office) they would.

The longer the sensor stays in before you try to calibrate the first time, the better. I tend to put a new sensor in late at night and I don’t try to calibrate it until the next morning. It means you miss a night of readings but I’m always rushed in the mornings.

Cody, There are 3 Probs and one is short. I have found if I tape down the unit from end to end the sensor nad transmiter with one peace of tape the sensor will lift out a little and will have problems.
Try putting one peace of tape over the sensor nad pressing down on it and a peace of tape over the transmiter while holding down the sensor connect the transmiter and and tape down so transmiter is not tight. Have found that works for me.

Congrats and good luck with your GCMS

God Bless

I talked to my trainer on the phone and she told me to go ahead and start it. We are meeting Thurs. I have been on the phone with Minimed as well and they said sometimes it just takes longer. The transmitter is charged up and the transmitter blinks 5 times when i take it out of the charger. I will just let it go until morning and then try again and if it doesn’t work then I will call Minimed back again.