Guardian 4

Looking for experiences with the Guardian 4, especially (but not only) if paired with the new Medtronic 780 pump and algorithm. Most interested in the level of accuracy of the CGM. Any published medical literature (peer-reviewed study results or data) about the topic also welcome.

I use dexcom, but found this review on Medtronic Guardian 4.



(And I currently used Dexcom as well, but am really interested in the new Medtronic 780 system since it’s supposed to allow a 100 BG target! If the new Guardian sensor is finally accurate, I will likely switch back to Medtronic.)

I can’t find the Guardian 4 study, maybe because it hasn’t been published yet, so I looked up the FDA submissions for the 780G w/ the Guardian 4 and the Dexcom G6 and they appear to be playing in the same ballpark.

The usual disclaimers for clinical trial statistics apply:

  1. Both studies are severely underpowered with only about n=150
  2. Don’t directly compare results from two different trials

Guardian 4 data starts on Page 39 -

Dexcom G6 System Accuracy to Comparator (comp) within iCGM Glucose Ranges (Adults… Page 16 -