Haematology Report & Type 2

Please advise:

I have Type 2. Last 8 October I went thru check up. Found HBA1C 6.73, Haemoglobin 12.5 (Range:13.5-18), Ferritin 455 (norm range 12-200). Vitamin D 23.20 (norm range 30-100)

Report advice for RBC - Mild hypochromic anemia, No polychromasia, No normoblastemia.

for WBC - DC showing mild absolute eosinophilia as absolute eosinophilic count is 0.45x10^3/ul (normal 0.04x10^3ul)

Impression - Mild hypochromic anemia associating mild absolute eosinophilia for age and sex.

Sheesh, I have no clue.

To me it looks like you don't have enough Vitamin D, iron, vitamin B6 and possibly have some allergies or asthma? Maybe a multivitamin (with B6, iron and vit D) would help?

I looked hypchromic anemia on Wikipedia, and it said "Hypochromic anemia may be caused by vitamin B6 deficiency from a low iron intake, diminished iron absorption, or excessive iron loss. It can also be caused by infections (e.g. hookworms) or other diseases, therapeutic drugs, and lead poisoning."

Eosinophilia seems to be some kind of allergic reaction.

I dunno, hope this helps.

Those things related to your RBC all show signs that you have vitamin deficiencies.
HGB of 12.5 really is not that concerning even though it is out of range for a man.

On your WBC report it stats eosinophilia. That is normal even though it looks abnormal.
eosinophils are white cells that increase when we puncture our skin. Weather it be needles or pump set, they almost are always slightly high in diabetics. who inject insulin.You are type 2, so if you are not on insulin, I can't explain it, still it is barely high, so no need to worry about that.

Take the vitamins that your doc has suggested inc iron and I bet all of it will return to normal except for eosinophilia

Isn't his iron (Ferritin) too high on the blood test?

yes it is, but it does not make sense with hgb being low. He didn't post his total iron.

Hemacromatosis is the only thing that can cause high feritin but would cause opposite trouble with rbc and hgb

My apologies to the OP for going a little off-topic, but the formula you list for calculating average glucose is out-of-date. In Oct. 2007, results from the American Association of Diabetes Glucose Trials came up with a new (hopefully more accurate) method to convert A1c values to average BG's.

It is called ADAG (A1c Derived Average Glucose) and the formula to calculate average glucose from an A1c is: (1.583 x HbA1c) - 2.52 in mmol/L, so multiply that by 18 to get the results in mg/dl. This would mean the OP's average glucose would probably be close to around 145 mg/dl. Still kinda high, but better than 162.

I have to tell you, we could all speculate on what your test results mean, but you really need to consult with your doctor. You do appear to have odd readings, perhaps you are sick, perhaps you need more meat or seafood in your diet, perhaps you need to supplement (as in vitamin D).

But the real question is "are you feeling unwell?" If you are, you should get back with your doctor and see what is going on. You have to be your own advocate. We can help you with suggestions about what to talk about with your doctor, how you might improve your diet or supplements, but you need to also take command and get back with your doctor if you think you are unwell.

Thanks a lot all of your advise. Asper your requirement below are some details of report. I eager to get yours discussion which really helpful for me.

Haemglobin 12.5g/dl
Haemtocrt 41.6%
RedCel 4.81(10^6/uL)
MCV 86.5fl
MCH 26pg
MCHC 30g/dl
RDW-CV 12.3%
RDW-SD 38.4fl
Total WBC 8.98 10^3/ul
Neutrophils 58%
Lymphocytes 29%
Monocytes 8%
Eosinophils 5%
Basophils 0%
Platelet 235 10^3/uL
Ferritin 455ng/ml

Vildagliptin 50mg Metfrmn1000mg - 1/2 OD
Vit D2 50000i.u. once weekly

my Ferritin is 455ng/ml

I took off print about Eosinophilia. I will read it. Thank You Megan.


Doctor advise me Vit D2 5000 i.u. --- weekly one

Thank You Timothy. I will try to learn about Eosinophilia also.

Your right Super_sally, Doctor advise me Vit D2 5000 i.u. weekly one.

Thank You. Every 2 months i am meeting doctor. Your discussion help me to consult with doctor specifically.

Ferritin 455ng/ml.


Check out the info at the bottom of the page. High ferritin levels can be associated with chronic disease. So can slight anemia.

Yes that is true, I know asthma and severe allergies can cause high feritin levels.
Actually if that is the case they are falsely high. somehow the feritin is released into the blood stream when there is an allergic reaction happening. That is why a serum Iron would be helpful. Feritin is supposed to relate the the amount of usable iron in your tissues and Serum iron relates to the amount of free iron circulating in the blood stream. There is an in and out movement of iron constantly.

There is one good treatment to high feritin levels that is donating blood.

I am suprised that Eosinophils were flagged for you, because 5% is not high at all. Mine run around 8%.

Your Hemaglobin/ hematocrit ratio is off. Hemaglobin should be 1/3 of hematacrit.

So if you look at mchc it should be 33.3 if all is well.

A 30 means that the average cell in your blood has a low concentratiion of hemaglobin.

Once you get your Ferritin and Iron, and V D settled You should see a better correlation.

All in all it is not that far off the normal though.

Do you take steroids? or do you have asthma or severe allergies?

Steroids - No
Asthma - No
Allergies sometime if I am having Eggplant.
Dust also sometime creating my breathing problem.

?..At this stage can I go for blood donate. I mean low Haemoglobin and Diabetics. If possible I will consult with my doctor also. Thanks.

Checked you given link

above this 3 things I have notified my doctor because I am suffering with those.

But I am thinking why not doctor advise me for Iron supplement.