Half and full marathons


I have been an active individual for my entire life. I am now interested in completing both a half and full marathon this year. I run and workout on a regular basis, but always find that at about mile 6 my blood sugar drops. I wanted to know what recommendations/advice you have for training for these events. Etc. pre-food, go to snacks (while running), post-food, target blood sugar before running...you name it.

Austin, are you wearing a CGM ? I notice my blood sugar starts dropping after I have been running right at the 30min mark, because I have used up all the glucagon that was stored.. then I have to always have fuel ready at that point. All this depends, on what my CGM was telling of where my sugar was, and how fast it was rising or decreasing.. if I am flatlining at say 100.. and I don't have any other carbs working or any other insulin working..it takes time to get these numbers under control but definitely worth doing. You should also, check out the group Insulindepence.com.. great group of active diabetics and they do a yearly marathon in San Deigo

I do not have a CGM, but have talked to my doctor about getting one. I am waiting to receive information back from the company about insurance coverage for the CGM. I do believe that if I were able to use it then I could be able to fully understand my blood sugar peak and fall when running.

Listen to that jm guy. Also join the group "Diabetics who run marathons" here in TuDiabetes, and ask for input there. That group is a little more focused on what you're asking about.