Halloween in the USA... if you had diabetes as a kid


If you had diabetes as a kid did you do anything differently then other kids?

I was 9 when I was diagnosed and after that I still went trick or treating only my parents bought my candy from me and let me go shopping for whatever I wanted. We were allowed to go out until we were 12 so I only had two or three years of that and then I was the one that handed out candy at my parents house every year. Now I usually hand out candy at my sister’s house so she and her husband can take the kids out.

Every year my parents made frog legs and popcorn for dinner. I’d like to ask my parents what they were thinking when they decided popcorn was an ok side dish for dinner! ha ha My friends thought it was gross that we ate frog legs, but I love them! yum yum tastes like garlic and hot sauce! :wink:

My sister called me today to get my mom’s frog leg recipe and we talked about how my parents gave her all of my halloween candy after they bought it from me. I had no clue! No wonder I always thought she was a better trick or treater then I was! ha ha

Did you do anything special this time of year?


My sister and I are both type 1. A few neighbors would put aside something special for us (pretzels or crackers). We hated it. But I would choose pretzels or crackers over frogs’ legs any day.


My mom always bought a bunch of stuff to trade me. Bows, stickers, sugar free gum, and little toys. One year, I got a dress. I had to trade almost half my candy for it. I was allowed to keep any three pieces of (small sized) candy, but I couldn’t eat more than one in a day. I think my mom gave the rest of the candy back out to trick or treaters, though I suspect she kept a few pieces for herself. I don’t remember ever feeling left out at Halloween.


When I took D at 10 that pretty much ended trick or treating for me in anyway. Oh yeah I did get to hand uot tyhe candy for awhile til my parents figured ut that I was eating more than I gave out ( way before bs moniters harder to catch me! HA) When I had my kids I made sure they went trick or treating til they got 10 and then stopped. My oldest took D at 11 my youngest was 9 and we only had 1 more year to do it. Now We’re getting ready for my 1st granddaughter to go for the 1st time in her life this year (she was like 2 weeks old last year) so it’s time to watch it in a kids eyes again! I reakky think that when mine were little and learning what it was was the most fun I’ve ever had (aside from the 1st few Christmases) Kids make it special for me as for me when I was a kid nothing at all did so now to me it’s just another day of the year!!!