Has anyone had more bleeds after a vitrectomy?

Eyes and prolifterretinopathy.

I have been diabetic type 1 since 1969. I never had issues with my eyes until I had cataracts removed. Floodgates opened to proliferative retinopathy. The retina specialist said it is recognized that cataract removal can make retinopathy worse. Why can’t they figure out a way around this? Never would have gotten cataracts removed had I been able to foresee this. With all that said,I had my first major bleed a couple months ago. My understanding of a vitrectomy is that in no way will that control the bleeds. The gel s replaced with water. My doctor commented you’d think that the hemorrhage blood would clear much sooner and better that way, but not necessarily. I’ve had my second Avastin shot and am waiting three more weeks to either schedule the surgery or dance in the streets because it has cleared. Wondering if others noted quicker cleRing bleeds after the surgery? Thanks, confused, depressed and exasperated.

Are you seeing a respected retinal specialist?

Yes, I am. I noted your pen name of Phoenix bound. Meaning Arizona? I only ask because I am in Scottsdale. Have you had bleeds after this surgery?

I’ve only had cataract surgeries; not vitrectomy. I consulted my retinal guy because of all the floaters I’ve had for ages, and he said he COULD do a vitrectomy but it’s very risky. I opted to live with the floaters. My background RO hasn’t gotten any worse from having had cataract surgery.