Has anyone here had a ZnT8A test yet?

Zinc transporter 8 autoantibody (ZnT8A)is an independent marker for autoimmunity that promises some new diagnostic value, probably most releveant for T1's (and possibly a few T2's).

This is similar to and may one day in the furutre combined with GAD-65 antibody and IA-2 antibody to enhances diagnostic sensitivity.

Since 2009, several papers appeared on ZnT8A which make me think we'll see it's quantification available to docs as a lab test in the future.

I really do not know enough about it to make any claims.

What I ask here is if anybody has taken a test, if it's commercially available anywhere in the world, and practical considerations concerning either insurance or national health plan reimbursement?

Obviously research labs (e.g. NIH) run assays on very many things (tests not otherwise commercially available for ordinary use) for the purpose of basic or clinical research.

No to your question and I am ready to learn :)

It is my understanding that only a modest portion of risk of T1 diabetes can be attributed to genes and that the genes presenting the highest identified risk are forms of HLA-DQ and HLA-DR. You can get them tested at 23AndMe. Having the genes doesn't mean you will get T1 and I've never seen any studies suggesting there is a preventative action you could take anyway. I've never been tested (heck I've struggled to get even the most basic tests).