Has anyone tried Glymetrol?

I’ve heard some ads for Glymetrol that claim that it is all natural and that it will help with insulin sensitivity and help to control blood sugar control in type I and type II diabetics. I found this article claiming it’s a scam. I never know what to believe, even if a doctor is posting this.


Here’s another review


Has anyone tried this or know anything about it ?

The line on applicable towards type I diabetics is total bull$#!t. There are no clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals confirming this (the reality is that type 1 is an autoimmune condition, whereas insulin resistance in type 2 is a very different disease etiology, therefore a claim that it works in both should immediately be suspect), and the reality is that this is just another line of crap. Most type 1s don’t have problems with insulin sensitivity, so why the need for this product?

Save your money. There are many supplement scams & this is yet another. Millions of diabetics as a market. They don’t even list the doses of their various ingredients on their site. Not much info at all, actually. Sure, the first bottle is free with S/H. Then try to get out of their auto ship program as your credit card is being charged monthly.

You can find similar supplements anywhere without being sucked into this one. Whether they actually do anything, is another story. .

I’d trust the the review in the first link.

This is a scam: