Has your Endo ever asked you if you want to keep taking a med or not?

My doc has asked me a few times over the course of 3-4 years if I take my Losartan and if I want to keep taking it…he says I had protein in my urine once and then never again…

And I have no idea what to do. Sometimes I wish he’d just tell me one way or another!

The Losartan protects your kidneys. I would keep taking it if u have no other side effects. I take it. Are you taking it or missing it? Does it make you cough. It made me cough. Ask the doc for the pro’s and cons from a medical perspective with stopping the drug. If he is wishy washy ask again until you are clear.

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But if i did not test twice positive for microalbumin, and didn’t need it up until that point, and he asks if I even want to take it…idk now i feel like i’ll never know if it was a false positive or not.

He even told me “you do NOT have kidney problems” from diabetes…ok doc…so why am i still taking it???

Do some diabetics take it as a precaution?

I’ve never been asked that. Maybe hes on the line between having you take it or not, so he’s deferring to your judgement.

yes and other blood pressure lowering drugs. You may have great blood pressure so no need for it. But I found it pretty standard for such drugs to be used for preventive measure so I am told

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I take losartan and carvedilol as a precautionary measure because I am diabetic and because I have one kidney (lost the left one due to cancer in 2011). I take the lowest doses, my blood pressure is fine, and kidney function is great.

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