Have you had the best day of your life yet?

Each day is unique and everyday I get to start over.
I wake each morning knowing that THIS day, IS the best day of my life.
My life is a journey and not a destination.
The best part of my life is right NOW.


I’ve had some good days, some bad but my GOOD day’s by far at weigh my bad…


Are you refering to ANY BEST DAY or ??..I have to go back to Feb. 02, 1985 …ground hog day :slight_smile: …the day Gordon Peach married his bride : ME …a totally unique day and the journey began !!

When the doctor walks into the room and says “Joe, your cured”… That will be the best day of my life. Now if he also adds “you have just won the mega millions jackpot” Well, that would just be icing on the cake… The big one I would eat after he told me I was cured…

Craig: That is a great way to view each day. It is inspiring.

I’ve had good days – the day my daughter was born was the best by far. I have had the best day of my life? I hope not. If I already have, it means the best is over (reminds me of an old story about Laurence Olivier, who was distraught after a particularly amazing performance of King Lear – he said it was saddening to him because he knew that no matter how much longer he would live, he would never be able to either recreate that evening or do it better, so what was the purpose of continuing to try).

My best day is still to come. It may be today, or tomorrow, or next week or next year or years in the future. It may be the day of a cure, the day I find love again, the day my daughter finds great love, the day I win mega millions, or the day I am the starting centerfielder for the New York Yankees (I’m 46, so that day won’t likely happen, but I keep hoping!).

Well, I was quite amazed that I managed to give birth, I didn’t think I’d be able for it. That was an amazing day, talk about being on a high. Off hand I can’t think of one particular day, maybe when I got my final school exam results, maybe when we moved into our house. Renee’s words are amazing, when my mother and sister were/are ill, it’s been a slow process, so I can’t point out one day. I hope my best day is in the future and yes it’ll involve the children somehow. Debb, you are such an eloquent thinker.

HAHAHAHA Amen! You said it brother, Thanks for making me laugh out loud!!

You certainly have alot of things to be greatful for Renee’!
I like how you called them your "best days"
That implies that you are certain that you have not had the best day of your life yet.
Wonderful outlook, because when and if you have your greatest day, what else will you have to live for?
We all have that carrot dangling in front of us on a string, keeping us “hungry” for what we have in store for tomorrow. And that is the way it should be.

I like your insight to what I had been asking Johnathan! It would be nice to live out the rest of your life being comfortable but not cross the line into being “lazy” or “complacent”. Your analogy about Laurence Olivier was “spot on”! Remember what happened to Peter Frampton after he put out that most famous album ,“Frampton Comes Alive?” No? Hahaha me either, although I did see him on a Geico commercial a couple of years ago.
Once you go BIG, then what? Like the curse of all the One hit wonder bands.They make it to number 1, top of the charts , right out of the gate and then they fizzle, no way someone can hold onto something strong like that forever.Granted it is important to have goals and to hold onto dreams, and if you attain them, WONDERFUL!!!
But what is important seems to be right in the present, right now.
Carpe diem as they say, “seize the day”.
Love that you are alive right now, you have been given that gift.
God may not cure all of your problems everytime, but be sure of one thing, he changes your attitude towards them all the time.

Oh debb,
You so get it
and like Josephine has said, you put it all together so eloquently straight from your heart and soul
instead of commenting further I am just going to read what you have written over and over again.
Thank you so much for your reply debb!

I like the way you think.


Why do you think you have been put on this earth Josephine? Do you think it was for you or for someone else? Very philisophical question don’t you think? You know I would not ask it without the confidence of you being able to answer it. :o)
I am sure that your best days are ahead of you Josephine although it sounds as if you have had some very satisfying days in the past. Your wonderful Family, those 2 beautiful little girls, an awesome house to live in!
Oh my , with that track record alone , can you just imagine what more is in store!!

AHHAA! Yes Nel and the journey is still going! Many more ground hog days in the future!
So you are saying your marrige was the most quintessential day of your entire life so far?
Like you said the journey began in 1985 any other landmarks?
Do you think it is the best day of your life?

Renee: You must be an amazingly strong person. So many lows and so many highs. Makes me appreciate all the things with which I have not had to deal in my life. I hope your future best days come not from relief that something bad has not happened, but from pure good things, in and of themselves.

Wow , pretty name, Cherise.
I like saying it, Cherise , Cherise, (in my head I mean)
oh, sounds even better outloud… :o)
I will call you Cherise and I will roll the R in my head from now on, ok?

I am glad that your GOOD days have out weighed your bad days.

But have you had the Best day of your life Yet?

I see a little girl in your pictures, is that your daughter? I am sure that is one of the bestes,goodest,most perfect days of your life right there! And rightfully so, she is such a cutie!

Every day we get closer to a cure. Therefore, every day is the best day of my life. :slight_smile:

It sure is Cynthia! And can you imagine your delight if you got to eat as many Peanut butter bacon donuts as you wanted and only had to worry about gaining weight!!!

I like that you replied to this thread Terry
Thanks alot!

It’s pretty cliche, but my best day so far was the day I got married. I have a wonderful husband, and hey, cliches are cliches for a reason! :smiley:

mmmmmmmmmmmmm donuts