Have you seen the new billboards?

Just out of curiosity… Does anyone else have the new “depression” billboards in their town? It’s the one that days something like… “Depression is real. You never hear anyone tell someone with DIABETES (in big bold letters) to snap out of it! Go to website to find out more about depression.” There’s another one that says the same thing, but instead of diabetes, it says CANCER. Sorry, I’m not shouting, that’s how it’s written on the board, seriuosly.

I, for one, am angered by this board. Yeah, I know that depression is real. My mother suffers from it day to day. But what angers me the most is the people who dismiss diabetes. Everyone knows cancer is a terrible thing - sometimes severe and untreatable, but sometimes it is cureable. But if you say you have diabetes, we sometimes (or I do anyway) get the brush off that someone with a common cold would get. And, yes, I have actually been told to “Get over it, snap out of it… etc” by someone who just didn’t know what they were talking about. I have even been asked “Well, how long will you have this diabetes? Can you get over it?” Just like it angers me when normal people try to classify your diabetes in the range of either “a touch of sugar” to “severe diabetic”. I am always classified as “severe diabetic” to the public once they find out I am on an insulin pump. Which I try to ignore, but today it really got to me… then I passed by the billboard and that just made it even worse.

I know I’m just venting, but I wanted to know if anyone else has seen these boards. I am going to go back and write down their link so I can email who ever is over this and see if they can get it reworded or taken down.


I’m somewhat confused by your reaction. You say you’re angered by people who don’t take diabetes seriously, yet when someone creates an ad that compares it with another serious disease, cancer, you’re upset with them about it. Sure some cancers are treatable and curable, but in the minds of most people cancer is a death sentence.

Maybe your anger is misdirected - it seems to me that the people who made this ad DO take diabetes seriously and you may be venting at the wrong people.

Just a thought.


Hey Terry.

I think the reason why I was so upset about it is that it seemed that they say that everyone takes diabetes and cancer seriously, but we dismiss people with depression — like people with diabetes and cancer are always sympathized with for their condition, but people with depression are just overlooked. For the most part, this may be true. And I do agree, cancer is a serious condition, and some people don’t make it through it. I was not in any way knocking people with cancer in any way shape or form. But the reason why I got upset by it is that from my experience, people who have diabetes aren’t always sympathized with either. A lot of people think we caused diabetes on ourselves by eating too much - just as they think depression is someone feeling sorry for themselves. They think there’s a simple solution - diabetics need to quit eating and depressed people just need to go have some fun. True, I probably took it too far because I have really had a bad week with my diabetes and it rubbed me the wrong way. But to me, people are equally as mean about some conditions as they are others, and none of them should be advertised as not being taken as seriously as another, and maybe it’s just that I want them to know that some diabetics actually are told to “just get over it”, “snap out of it”, or whatever the case may be.

As a depressed diabetic, I am hopeful both diseases get their due. What is often overlooked in diabetics is the relation between the two diseases. So I propose a Billboard that says

Depressed Diabetic Onboard,
Shaked, Rattled and Rolling


I’m sorry it is a little depressed diabetic humor.


I understand why you are upset. People that don’t have diabetes just don’t understand how hard it is and all of the struggles. What they don’t realize is that this is something we will have to live with for the rest of our lives.