Having problems with CGM's

I am just wanting to get any feed back or advice from anyone that might have had or is having problems with sensors. I have been using the CGM since October 22, 2008. 3 weeks and have gone through 1 whole box of sensors…I am usually able to keep 1 sensor in for about 6 days maybe 7, but then I start to have problems with “sensor lost” or just sensor error…most of the time where I have put my sensor starts hurting after about 2 days…I am 7 months out after having gastric bypass surgery and losing the weight is making it hard for me to find places where my skin is a little more tight…Just don’t now what to do and am just getting so tired of the problems with them…and they aren’t cheap…

I’m having some of the same problems, and wish I had some advice to share. I have been unable to get a sensor to last more than 6 days without the readings becoming way off. I’m still new at it too though, I’ve only had mine about 2 months.

I get about 20 days or more out of my sensors. When you get the lost sensor error on day seven you must recharge your transmitter. Once you have done that hook it back up and tell the pump to find lost sensor. It can take up to 2 hours before it will ask you to calibrate it with a BG number and away you go.

Definitely recharge after two 3-day periods. I always get “bad sensor” or “cal error” after about 12 days. Also, I just recently had my first 1-day sensor b/c after several hours the area surrounding it starting hurting more and more, but when I took it out, no pain. I’m guessing the cannula shifted around and started rubbing up against a nerve, so now I know not to use that area. It will just take some time to find areas that are good and which areas to avoid. I feel for you on going through a whole box in 3 weeks though - I’m almost 3 months in and am still on my first box.

I have tried recharging the transmitter on day 6 and when I re-attach I never seem to have the readings that correspond with my meter well like I did on the first couple of days. Not sure what else to do?

After you reconnect give it a day or so your numbers should be close to your meter. Remember most of the time the results from the CGM are not going to be exactly the same as your meter. Trending is what you want to be looking at. I don’t wacky results until day 18-20, just make sure that your sensor and transmitter are totally secured to your skin so they do not move.