Headaches normal?

i have been diabetic for 8 months now and trying hard to keep my BS under 120 per doctor’s instructions . The problem i have is that when i do keep it at that level i get horrible headaches . anyone have that problem ? at 130 i feel great, but my doctor insists that under 120 is where it needs to be . any advice ?

This is a hugely common problem and you’ll find many discussions in the forums from people who share this experience. It’s that your body has learned to feel normal at levels that are too high. Below that learned level of homeostasis, it’s just going to feel wrong. As your control improves and you spend more time in your personal target range, the higher numbers will not feel good anymore. You’ll feel normal at a lower number eventually. It’s hard, but the reason why feeling normal where you are now is not good is that it doesn’t matter whether it feels right or not - it’s doing damage to your body long term. Ask your doc about how to treat the headaches, but don’t treat the blood sugar to bring it to where it feels “normal” unless it’s below 70 (or your personal low target).

Thank you for the information. Hopefully they will go away soon it makes it hard to function. i told my doctor and he said “well that shouldn’t happen” and offered no other solution. I think it may be time to find another doctor. Thanks again