Heading off to Washington, D.C

Well, I managed to type up a blog last night - despite knowing I am facing a long drive after work tonight to head to Washington, D.C. (going to stop around Albany, NY for some shut eye before going further on Thursday - it's about a 10 hour drive to get there in total). I'm having my usual bit of SSSTTTTEEESSS with feeling guilty about leaving the puss cats behind, and thinking I'm going to forget something (wait I should reiterate that - "thinking I'm not going to have a GOOD time in Washington!" think positive Anna, think positive). I'm also abit afraid of big cities - and this coming from a gal who lives in Montreal! Anyway, if you have the time - check out my little blog about my visit called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - and I'll see everyone back here next week - not bringing lap top with me - husband has said "take a break from work". Going to be difficult to leave my "office" behind. I can do it, I can do it - relax, breath, relax, breath.

Oh and Cynthia (Kahn) - hope to meet up with you perhaps Thursday night! I’ll give you a dingle on your cell.