Heading to school in Canada

Back to school! I hate this time of year. Its not the huge dent that my kids put in my wallet each year because they have suddenly grown out of every piece of clothing that they had in June. Its the pain that I hear about when parents of children with diabetes are sending their children off to school. Once again, I have parents calling and emailing me because their schools are refusing to assist their children with diabetes. It is truly heartbreaking. Schools are required to look after our children like “responsible parents” but how responsible would we be as parents if we did not test or inject our children? That is what is happening in some schools.

The fear is understandable but specifically worded care plans would alleviate both worries and liabilty for both parties. It should be simple for parents and educators to meet and establish guidelines for care specific to each child. Age and development play a huge role in what is required. My son needs less support this year than he did two years ago. Now he needs to be protected when taking exams rather than being watched to ensure he eats his snacks. We have issues at all ages. One day there will be understanding across the board. One day awareness will be at a point that assistance will be offered rather than fought for. One day I will be better paid for this fight but in the meantime, I will settle for helping and doing all I can to ensure that these families are able to have a positive experience when they are going through our school systems.