Health Care Insurer Plays Games With Insulin Prices

United Health Care is raising the price of NovoLog 250% while lowering the price of Humalog. The change will force those on NovoLog to make difficult choices. It also shows how out of whack the healthcare system is. Will this affect you?,0,1181721.column

Messing with someone's therapy for monetary reasons is evil. Humalog doesn't always work as well as NovoLog for some people. I'm on Humalog and it works, but that's just me for you. We will punish you for using the insulin that works best for you. Nice. And yet, our health insurance reform legislation (there was no health care), drives 45 million new subscribers to the private insurance industry's death panel. I'm plenty mad now. They are so NOT afraid of us.

Yes! My 6 yo was dx in July of this year and has been on MDI with Lantus and Novolog. We have UH and got the notice about Novolog switching to Tier 3. I am worried about having to switch to Humalog. I hate how they can just do this at any time with no input from us. We have no choice but to switch and I have no idea how it might affect his numbers :frowning:

A couple of years ago, my insurance forced me to switch from Humalog to Novolog. The only thing that I notice is that I have more delivery problems with Novolog in my pump. Otherwise, they seem pretty similar to me. But you’re right – insurance companies have us over the barrel.

We've had to switch back and forth a couple of times. It has not been a problem for us.

I've read elsewhere that some people have been successful in requesting an exception by getting a note from their endo stating that they must use a particular insulin.

Also, keep in mind it's not just the evil insurance companies at work here. It's also the evil drug companies. UHC's strategy for getting them to compete on price is to reward the low bidders (the winners) by placing them at tier 1 on their formulary and punish the "losers" with exile to tier 3. Notice that for insulin and test strips there is no tier 2.

The insulin (for us) is not a big deal. It's the test strips that bother us. we have to give up our Freestyle for either Accu-Chek or OneTouch, and we don't particularly like either.